The Future of Social
#SocialChat N°157

Open Mic: Measuring Social Media & ROI April 7, 2017  #SocialChat N° 157: The #SocialChat gang was brought together tonight along with their crystal balls for an open mic TwitterChat to discuss “The Future of Social”.

The best Tweet of the night may summed up the entire chat Linda Bernstein @WordWacker  tweeted

My only thought about future of social: It’s not going to be what we expect or predict. :)

 Be sure to read the full transcript to see what 44 participants had to say in 417 tweets in while answering these 6 questions and post comments below if you agree or disagree with any of them.

Q1 Is the future of Social purely mobile or is there room for desktop users?
Q2 What must Social applications do to succeed in mobile?
Q3 What type of social activity is missing from the array of social apps out there?
Q4 Social is as old as time, but which social new apps have the best chance at succeeding in the long run?
Q5 Is launching a Social app merely a bait & switch? First free & then ads. Will this strategy kill most social start-ups?
Q6 Would you pay$2-5/mth to have an ad free #Facebook or other Social network?

A transcript of all their tweeted responses are available as: HashTracking

Social Analytics
#SocialChat N°156

Twitter- Adam Proehl .

March 31, 2014  #SocialChat N° 157: Adam Proehl (@adamproehl) was our featured guest as we explored “Measuring Social Media” as a follow-up to the the presentation both Adam and our SocialChat co-host Alan K’necht (@aknecht) presented at Pubcon New Orleans on March 17, 2014. This session was deemed on of the best ever Pubcon session by those who attended it (Bruce Clay Inc. & Others).  You can read the full transcript to see how Adam engaged with 44 participants to generate a total of 513 tweets in 1 hour by answering and commenting on these 6 questions:

Q1 Why do you think that our session on Social Analytics was extremely well received at #pubcon?
Q2 Which of the 10 Social Analytics Question & Answers do you think most resonated with the attendees?
Q3 Which of the 10 Q&A do had the most meaning for you & why?
Q4 When it comes to Social Analytics, what do think is the most important tool in the tool box?
Q5 What do you see as the biggest road block for brands when it comes to measuring social?
Q6 Why do you think ppl & companies say that you can’t measure social?

A transcript of all their tweeted responses are available as: HashTracking

Adam & Alan’s slides from Pubcon New Orleans:
10 Most Frequently Asked Questions about Measuring Social Media